The Association

Since December 19, 2012, memoire vir(e)tuelle is also an association ! In accordance with the objectives set out in 2010, it is intended to develop local initiatives in connection with the memory of the Holocaust in the bocage virois. Among other things, the objective is to valuing the history of persecutions against the Jews of Vire and Memorial expressions relating. Priority is given to the mobilization of high school educational projects (in particular memory travels). However, other actions may be envisaged, such as the creation of memory traces in the town of Vire, commemorative events or the publication of materials on the history and the memory of persecuted Jews.

Several major witnesses agreed to support this association by becoming honorary members. Adolfo KAMINSKY, Pauline KAMINSKY, Shira and Jacques GOLDNADEL, Raphaël ZAJDENWERG : these survivors of the Holocaust have accepted this symbolic place to join in the project. We thank them very much.

A first study tour has just taken place in February 2013, to take 20 students on the footsteps of Dora Augier, from Neuville to Lublin…